Patton - Air Cooled Condenser Operation/Installation Instructions
Patton Line Sizing Guide
Patton Pressure - Temperature Chart

Appion - Refrigerant Recovery
"G1 Single" Refrigerant Recovery Unit - Brochure
"G1 Single" Refrigerant Recovery Unit - Manual
"G5 Twin" Refrigerant Recovery Unit - Brochure
"G5 Twin" Refrigerant Recovery Unit - Manual
"TEZ8" Vacuum Pump - Manual
Effects of voltage drop and long extension leads
Inline Filter Drier Use for Recovery
Output gauges and proper shut-down
Recovery Cylinder 80% Safety Cut Out Switches
Aspen - Condensate Pumps
General Condensate Pump Installation Guidelines
Mini Lime Installation Instructions
Mini Orange Installation Instructions
Embraco Compressor Catalogue _ Dec 08
Embraco Compressor Handbook _ Feb 10
Embraco Condensing Units _ Dec 08
Embraco Electrical Components _ Aug 08

Fieldpiece - Test Equipment
HVAC Guide & Manual for models HG1 & HG2